MI-Witness HD - FAQs

Mi-Witness HD - Frequently Asked Questions


Please find a selection of FAQ’s for the Mi-Witness In Car Camera System.

If you need further support on the Mi Witness device please login to your Mi-Witness Admin area here. If you have not done this yet please register here.


Q. Do I get everything I need in the MI-Witness box?

A. Yes everything is in the MI Witness box to allow you to start recording straight away.


Q. Do you get the second camera in the MI-Witness box?

A. No the second camera is an option and can be purchased at any time. It simply plugs into the main MI Witness camera body.


Q. What is the SmartPort for?

A. The MI-Witness SmartPort is where you can plug in current and future accessories. The MI Witness WiFi Dongle is the first of these accessories.

Q. What does the MI-Witness WiFi dongle do?

A. The MI-Witness WiFi Dongle allows you to view live video from the camera on a smartphone (Recording is disabled while viewing live video), this is ideal for setting up the camera during installing. You can also use the smartphone app to view recording video and change settings.

* Some features will be dependent on type of smartphone

Q. Do you get the WiFi dongle in the MI-Witness box?

A. No the MI-Witness WiFi Dongle is an option and can be purchased at any time. It simply plugs into the main camera body.

Q. What warranty do I get with the MI-Witness?

A. A 12 month guarantee is offered with the MI Witness Camera. If you feel you have an issue with you MI-Witness Camera please visit our technical forum first to see if your question has been asked there.

Q. What recording modes does the MI-Witness have?

A. The MI-Witness has Continuous, Event, Automatic Parking, Manual, Snapshot and portable video mode.

Q. What is the maximum supported size of the miniSD Card?

A. 32GB Class 10


Q. How do i make sure the sd card is formatted correctly?

A. You need to format the sd card with some free software called SD Formatter

Q. How often should i format the sd card?

A. These 'types of cameras' do punish the SD card, to make sure your card is always in peak condition we would recommend doing it every 2-4 weeks depending on the camera use.


Q. What is the MI-Witness Smart Power feature in the camera?

A. The MI-Witness camera has a unique mode that allows you to remove it from the windscreen bracket and use it as a portable camera. You can either take video or still images. This makes the MI-Witness ideal to record more detail after the incident by walking around the scene.

Q. What is the MI-Witness Smart Power feature in the MI-Witness Smart Power Cable?

A. In the MI-Witness box you get the standard power cable but there is an option to purchase the MI-Witness  Smart Power Cable. The MI-Witness Smart Power Cable is designed to allow the user to utilise the parking mode feature and monitors your vehicles battery when the MI Witness Camera is in parking mode and prevents the battery from being discharged to the point where you cannot start the vehicle. If the MI-Witness Smart Power Cable feels your battery is getting low it will shut down the MI-Witness camera preventing any further vehicle battery discharge.

Q. How is the MI-Witness Smart Power Cable fitted to the vehicle?

A. The MI-Witness Smart Power Cable is wired directly to the vehicle and requires a competent person to do this. We can arrange fitting if required. Please contact us for more information.

Q. What software do you get with the Mi-Witness HD Camera and where is it?

A. The main MI-Witness software is PC based and is contained inside the MI Witness camera, the MI-Witness camera will automatically program the SD card including placing the MI Witness software in a folder on the SD card. Other MI Witness software is or will be available for the Android and OS. Keep an eye on our MI forum for software releases and updates.

Q. Can I get an insurance discount for using a Mi-Witness HD Camera?

A. There are insurance companies that support the use of in vehicle cameras; we continually update a list that is viewable in our forum.

Q. What voltage will the MI-Witness HD Camera work on?

A. 12 to 24 volts DC

Q. Can I turn off the LED warning lights on the MI-Witness HD Camera?

A. Yes, this can be done in the Mi-Witness software supplied with the device

Q. Can I use the MI-Witness Camera in more than one vehicle?

A. Yes we can offer extra mountings and power cables. The MI-Witness Camera is on a quick release mount.

Q. How easy is it to remove the MI-Witness Camera at night?

A. The MI-Witness Camera is on a quick release mount so is easy to remove

Q. Can I put the MI-Witness Camera on my motorbike?

A. The Mi-Witness Camera could be mounted on a motorbike in a protected position. It is not waterproof however.

Q. Can the MI-Witness Camera be hard wired into my vehicle?

A. The MI-Witness Camera is easy to hard wire; we recommend the use of the Smart Power Cable.

Q. How is the MI-Witness Camera powered?

A. By a cigar lighter/accessory plug on a 4 m cable, it can also be hardwired in using the Smart power cable

Q. Why does'nt the Mi-Witness have a LCD Screen?

A. We don't have a LCD screen as you can connect to the Mi-Witness via WiFI to view live & play back recorded files on Your smart phone - Apple iphone, Ipad & Android Phones, so there is no need for this. This also means that our unit conforms to the road traffic act as regards to video play back when driving. Its also worth noting some LCD screen are so small you can't always see the details you require.

Q. Does the MI-Witness Camera record data and time?

A. Yes the date and time are saved in a file and linked to the video.

Q. Does the MI-Witness Camera record my position and speed?

A. Yes GPS coordinates are saved in a file and linked to the video and also allow for Google playback

Q. Where does the MI-Witness Camera fit?

A. Typically the MI-Witness Camera is fitted up by the rear view mirror looking forward

Q. What miniSD card do you recommend to use in the MI-Witness Camera?

A.We recommend a Class 10 SD Card either a 16 or 32 gig version.

Q. Can I install MI-Witness Camera myself?

A. Yes the MI-Witness is a plug and play device and can be simply installed in a few minutes

Q. Do you install the MI-Witness Camera?

A. Yes we are able to arrange nationwide fitting.

Q. Is the Mi-Witness Legal to install & Use in the UK/EU? 

A. Yes the Mi-Witness is 100% legal to install & use in the UK/EU. Please be aware using cameras with large mounts for eg a suction cup due to the design of 'some' of these and the way they are positioned on the windscreen may not conform to the 1988 Road Traffic Act and could be a problem where the law is concerned. more info can be found here  & the links below so you can make your own mind up. 






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